ZeroDown.com Brings Seattle House Hunters the Ability to Get an Ideal Home with a Cash Offer and No Down Payment -- Build Up to Ownership While Living There

Seattle-area house hunters can now supercharge their home buying in a few powerful ways:

-Improved buying power: Instead of requiring a big down payment, ZeroDown qualifies members based on their current household income, allowing members to expand their house budget.-The power of a cash offer: Pick any home for sale -- ZeroDown will buy it with an all cash offer and hand over the keys in as little as 7 days. Sellers love cash offers, so it has a high likelihood of getting accepted.-Build toward ownership while you live in your ideal home: With each monthly payment, members earn Purchase Credits, which add up to a percentage of the Home's price. It's like cash back on your rent (you lease from ZeroDown until you buy it).-The ability to walk away: If plans or lives change, members can leave and receive cash for a portion of their Purchase Credits. No need to list or sell the home yourself.-Independent real estate agents: ZeroDown doesn’t have its own realtors -- instead, it partners with all realtors who are already working with clients on finding a home. ZeroDown also has a wide network of trusted, local agents to recommend to customers who are just beginning their search.

“The Seattle real estate market keeps heating up, and it can be intimidating and stressful to jump into that type of market,” said Abhijeet Dwivedi, CEO and co-founder of ZeroDown. “We’re all about making home buying easier, and more accessible. Our team loves to work closely with house hunters to help them move up their timeline to get the home they really love.”

After moving into their home, ZeroDown Members also benefit from ZeroDown’s white-glove concierge service -- helping members with cleaning, moving, furnishing their homes, and more.

On the tails of its launch into Seattle this month and its already-strong track record all over the San Francisco Bay Area, ZeroDown has plans to expand to even more U.S. cities soon -- to request ZeroDown in a new city, go to zerodown.com/request. Hear some of ZeroDown Members’ home-buying stories at zerodown.com/stories.

House hunters can find out what they can afford in the Seattle area at Zerodown.com/seattle.

About ZeroDown

ZeroDown is transforming the real estate market. With easy online approval, customers choose the home of their dreams, move in on their own schedule, and automatically build toward ownership. Founded in 2018, the company is backed by Goodwater Capital, Sam Altman and Y Combinator and a $110 Million dollar credit facility from Credit Suisse to make cash offers for its customers. The company serves customers in the Bay Area, and the Greater Seattle Area, with its headquarters in San Francisco. For more information, visit www.zerodown.com

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