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SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ --  Zenreach, creator of the Walk-Through Rate™, announced today that it measured a record 8.6 million customer Walk-Throughs in 2019. A Walk-Through is recorded when a customer visits a retail business within seven days of seeing a digital ad for that business. The strong results suggest that businesses with brick-and-mortar locations want to measure the success of their digital marketing based on actual in-store visits rather than relying on traditional online performance metrics.

"It's important to remember that 90 percent of commerce still takes place in real-world locations. One of the biggest shifts we will see in digital marketing during the next few years will be looking at in-store visits, not just online clicks and engagement, to measure advertising success," said Zenreach CEO John Kelly. "Multi-channel and offline businesses no longer have to rely on just digital engagement to understand the success of their online advertising. They can now measure real, in-store results."

The Walk-Through Rate is similar to the click-through rate used to measure online advertising. Before Zenreach, it was very difficult to measure in-store results attributable to marketing. Zenreach customers use their guest WiFi signal to know when patrons visit one of their stores. By understanding customer visit behavior, and connecting results to different offers, merchants can be more precise in the way they target customers and then measure the results of their online marketing.

Since launching Zenreach Attract in 2019, Zenreach has grown its network of consumers by more than 25%, and has driven more than 8 million visits to customer businesses.

About Zenreach Zenreach created Walk-Through Marketing to help businesses with physical locations dramatically improve customer acquisition and lifetime value by connecting digital marketing with in-store results. Zenreach Engage automatically tracks customer visits, effortlessly builds rich customer profiles and keeps them up to date. Zenreach Attract improves ad performance by targeting audiences based on your best customers. Results are measured with our Walk-Through Rate™, a proprietary metric that shows when someone exposed to an ad visits a location. Founded in 2012, Zenreach serves thousands of independent merchants and leading brands like Peet's Coffee, Ruth's Chris and BCBG Max Azria. For more information, visit Zenreach.com.

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